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Don’t worry if you missed the first instalment. You didn't miss much. Mum always told me I’m not very bright, so I keep it simple. It boiled down to two points: 

         1.  Vancouver is a nice place to ride a bike.

           2. If you ride your bike every day you will have waaaaay more sex.

Sure. Naturally, you’re thinking to yourself "she’s just saying that to get me to read this," but there’s sound science behind it, and also, Vancouver is a great place to ride a bike.

It's temperate, it's gorgeous, it’s fun, though sometimes it is rather wet.  Vancouver has a decent bike route network, and it boasts a varied and diverse network of people to enjoy it with, too.  You’ll find clubs, societies and groups hosting events throughout the year, so there's always something interesting to do on two wheels. 

Explore Vancouver from a new perspective, and ride it all, from the track to the highway, from the roads and trails to bmx parks, bike polo, cruisers rides and more...  anything you want. 

Yes, anything.

If you love to ride, you're sure to find something you enjoy during Velopalooza. (Go to for an events calendar.)

Veloplaooza is a microcosm of the Vancouver cycle scene. Opening day began at six thirty am, continued full bore throughout the day with non-stop events, and culminated with an evening Rave Ride around Stanley Park. 

Velopalooza rolls right along till July 2nd, so do check it out. There are tons of sweeet events to choose from, too. You’ll find everything from clinics and collectibles to swaps, films, parties, and of course, dozens of rides!  

For those who are passionate for a cause, The Gear Up 4 Cystic Fibrosis ride from Vancouver to Banff is sure to fill your boots. Lots of Freds and Wilmas swim, erm, ride a century to Chilliwack the first day, a bunch more do another hundred or so kilometres to get to Manning Park, and then a few hardy souls continue straight on for an impressive twelve hundred km ride, all the way up to beautiful Banff, Alberta. 

The same Saturday, 16 June, also saw the first half of the Float - I mean Ride- for the Cure, where participants travel from Vancouver to Seattle. 

Looks like fun, doesn't it?

Given the rains, this event turned into water polo in the park in the end:

You can count me in for the Cycle Chic Social on the 29th, come rain or shine, because I want to meet the Bicycle Babes!

This may come as a surprise to you, but some people seem to think that Vancouver is lacking Culture.  Bike Snob NYC (henceforth BS) says:

Of course, when you think about Vancouver you think of stuff like mountain biking, and marijuana, and other kinds of outdoorsy stuff, and marijuana.  You don't really think of culture.  This is true of most cities that lie in regions of great natural beauty, because instead of actually creating stuff they can just smoke marijuana and look at stuff that's already there.

 This is patently untrue.  We ride to fabulous places, sometimes over enormous distances, and then we sit back and enjoy the scenery. Whenever possible, we like to do this all together in great droves.

Until July 2, at six thirty every morning, you will have plenty of company should you choose to attend Velopalooza's  morning mass.  Everyone meets across Georgia St from Lost Lagoon on the west side of Devonian Park to ride to a new and interesting destination each day. (,-123.135774&hl=en&ll=49.294869,-123.134884&spn=0.005898,0.009645&num=1&t=m&z=1)  

There aren't many better ways to start the day! 

There's nothing like the feeling you get when you find yourself saying OOOOH MYYYYYYYYY GOD that's beautiful!!. No matter how you get there, it’s highly beneficial to experience this state of being at least once a day.

And lo and behold... knock and the door shall be opened unto you! Seek and ye shall find…!! :D 

And ye shall find me “courting guilty pleasures and checking out Bike Smut: The Orgasm Trail.

Now what do you think of that?

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