Monday, 22 June 2015

Another Midsummer's Night: A Two-wheeled Bicycle Dream Come True

                                           Modacity solstice
                                   2015 Solstice Ride final stop: Spanish Banks.
Vancouver might not have made it into Copenhagenize's Top Cycling Cities list this year, but as a community, we're sure growing in leaps and bounds. This city has come  a long way over the last several years, and it shows when you see the increasing number of people embracing cycling as a way of life. I absolutely love how many beautiful women I see out and about on bikes these days. When I began waaaaaaaay too many years ago to mention now, I was a rare thing, a woman on a bike on the city streets all year long, but that's changed. These days I see gorgeous girls on sweet rides All. The. Time.

Blessed be. The whole city has begun to embrace cycling in a way I hadn't even hoped for a few years ago, when animosity ruled the roads. Suddenly it has become much more social. I was riding up the Ontario bike route the other night when I noticed a group of people sitting on a lawn, enjoying a few frothy cold beverages. I stopped, exclaiming "Sweet! Is this a bike party?"

"Nope. It's a free beer party." Funny how the universe works. Only a few weeks ago, I was wishing that my city could match others I had heard of, where a cyclist might wander upon free voila! Ask and ye shall receive! Turns out Dave was celebrating the life of his dear friend Bill Reny who had just recently passed away, and he did so by sharing a keg of beer with the people he met out on his neighbourhood street. You've gotta love this city.

Speaking of our beloved city, its yearly celebration of all things bicycle related - Velopalooza - is in full swing, and I just wanted to take a  minute to share some of our recent cycling adventures with you.
                     dancing between the bridges
The weekend kicked off on Friday with the P.U.P. ride. Cyclists met in Strathcona park, and traveled around the city for a few hours, stopping occaisionally to take in Pop Up Performances staged in open areas around town.
The bikes alone are worth coming to check out, but that's always the case with a Vancruisers event.
You'll always see beautifully restored and maintained bikes from decades gone by, along with an assortment of comfortable steeds.
                               Modacity solstice e
Saturday saw the biggest cruiser ride of the year. Participants met in the parking lot of Pat's Pub before heading out on a tour of the city with several scenic stops along the way. This ride is always a wonder to behold.
                               Modacity solstice i
It's always a ton of fun, too, making your way through the city streets with so many fellow cyclsts! 
                                       Modacity solstice l
It never ceases to amaze me how positive a reception these rides always generate. Maybe it's the old-school bikes that make people smile, or perhaps it's the cast of characters grinning from ear to ear!
                           Modacity solstice j
iWhatever the reason, t's an event unlike any other, and it grows year after year after year.
                          Modacity solstice k
No matter where the cruiser rides start, they always end up somewhere beautiful to behold, and this ride was no exception.
                          Modacity solstice m
The pace is gentle and relaxed so that no-one gets left behind. It really is fun for the whole family.
                          Modacity solstice n
There are several stops along the way, so that even if you've not ridden your bike in years, you'll find yourself comfortable and in good company. These rides really are for everyone.
                          Modacity solstice o
If you don't come with friends, you'll certainly leave with a few, because everyone is welcoming and kind, and happy to see you.
                         Modacity solstice a
some photos courtesy of Modacity's Facebook album
At the end of the day, I can't think of a better way to celebrate the shortest night of the year. 

Thanks for reading spokeNscene, dear reader... I absolutely love that you're here. 

(Please ignore the text/font/photo irregularities. I am working in two somewhat incompatible systems, and trying to work out the kinks.)


  1. Love the opening photo and love Ms. babble in white. Off to a white dinner no doubt.

  2. il Pirata est Mort24 June 2015 at 10:12

    Reading this post immediately after reading BikesnobNYC 6/24 made me rethink my citizenship.

  3. "I absolutely love how many beautiful women I see out and about on bikes these days."
    Yay me too !!
    Except when this cutie in a floral jumsuit type thing on a gold fixed gear with fashionable shoes just shoots by me up the Williamsburg Bridge as I am going my huffing puffing best, with seemingly no effort at all !
    I try to convince myself that she's a selfless professional athlete who eats miserable tasting stuff with vitamins and stuff and she does nothing but ride all day and night and when she's not doing that she's thinking about her pedal stroke and 'the game' honing skills.
    Most likely though, she's naturally skinny, smokes, and has McDonalds all day!
    I gave her a thumbs up as she was half way through a phone call by the time I made the bottom of the bridge. She was gracious and exuding awesomeness.

    I am so happy to be coming around from my winter sloth. My times to and from work are getting better and I was soooo sleepy and mentally tired this morning but rode in today anyway. Start feeling better as I walk out the door with the bike.

    Life will be better when I can reach my drops again!


  4. jumpsuit

    ... fat fingers !


  5. Another cool view of Vancouver, I love the Velapalooza concept. Here's hoping it makes it to Sydney. What a great way to evangelize cycling !

  6. Makes me wish summer was coming already in the Southern hemisphere - but Ive got me a red winter jacket which is much nicer than my summer weight hi-viz nuclear waste colour jacket, so there's that.
    Was telling somebody about this today. If you come to Melbourne you must take the Spotswood Punt across the yarra (that's our major river) to check out Williamstown at one end of the ride and St Kilda and the other, and the things in between - science museum, historical port town, gelati, cafes, swimmable beaches, a Sunday maker's market et cetera.

  7. Dear Ms. babble on, I have talked to friends about visiting Oslo and I always ask, "why?" Just go to Vancouver. It is much closer and every bit as beautiful. And as for "Copenhagen" awards, Vancouver is, for better or worse, a North American city, and as such will develop it's very own "North American" bicycle style. We have to work harder due to our ideas about private property and the power of the automobile, but things are slowly changing for the better, because the love and appreciation of the bicycle, (and walking) simply makes sense.

  8. I love a nice social group ride, and a free beer. Poor Bill but a nice way to remember.
    Your summer solstice is our winters... so it's a few more weeks of cold before perfect riding weather of Spring is here.

  9. Ms. Babble, a new post please, the great photos, the great social comments, Ms. Babble in White.

  10. Knock knock . . .

    Hey Ms. Babble... you in here?

    I'll look around the other side, or maybe you're at Snobby's place.


  11. bad boy of the north27 July 2015 at 08:57

    ms.babble.i hope you're healing well.keep trudging!

  12. Beeeeeep....
    "Hi I can't come to the blog right now as I am out riding Bea Bike and messing about in Snobby's blog. Please leave a message and I'll blog you back"

    Hi Ms. Babble, it's vsk! Long time no hottie / bikey / inspirational pictures!
    I hope all is well. And if you get a package in the mail from Ted K, by all means, do not open it!


  13. Hey beautiful. You still with us?