Saturday, 6 October 2012

Ode to a friend.

Would that I a poem could write

about this life upon a bike

the vistas panoramic seen

a myriad adventure sweet and keen.

Over hill and over dale

it’s always fun it never fails.

Every day I ride for miles

it makes me laugh

it makes me smile.

O bicycle bicycle

friend of mine

on you this life is sweet

and fine.

You bring me joy

you bring me health

the most important

form of wealth.

I salute you as my friend

upon my love you can depend.

Your bits and bobs I will maintain

that we can always ride again.

Many treasures have I found

as I spin these wheels around.

Some come in the form of friend

some in youth relived again.

If you’re wise

then you like me

will climb

upon your bike and see

the many wonders to behold.

Be on your way
Be brave be bold.

Life is but a mystery.

On your bike

you’re fast you’re free.

As you ride you will see

just how good this world can be.

Thank you!

(This first appeared as a comment on Fat Cyclist's Free Verse Friday.)


  1. Seems to be a few gremlins in the formatting...

    Oh well. You get the picture.

  2. Thats a great poem. So good I am not even going to inject sex into the conversation. Inject sex. heehee

  3. I concur with McFly on this one. This was fun to read after my chilly and wet 65 mile ride today. Makes me feel lie the soreness in my legs is worth it.

  4. Man we scaled back our 65 to a 35 due to a suffering lady friend in the gran fondo we did
    Today. But we still finished first which was cool.

  5. Thanks, guys. It's remarkably similar to the last poem I wrote, way back in grade school. I looked at it and thought, "Yep. That's why I am not a poet." :S But Seuss inspired me this week, and then all those comments on fatcyclist, and as I was hanging with the kids on Kits Beach yesterday, it just sort of babbled out of my pen.

    Nice rides, gentlemen!

    Soreness in the legs is usually a good thing. Soreness in joints or the back? Not so good... Soreness from OWNING the podium!? Doesn't matter how much it hurts, that's the feeling of sweet success, baby, SWEET SUCCESS! Congratulations McFly!

    We had a short window of time today so we did 60k, with another quick trip scheduled tomorrow, before gobble gobble day dinner. It's waaaaay more fun doing those big organised rides though, isn't it? Specially the bit about riding with other bikes instead of with cars, trucks and buses. And all the bananas and stuff. Oh, yeah, and WINNING!

    Um... I am waaaay too juvenile to write that many words without injecting a little sexual reference in there...hence the bits and bobs bit... :)

  6. I wonder where "blowjob" originated? It's obviously a sucking/licking operation. Suckjob sounds just as appealing if not moar. Let's start a movement. For instance, I got a very thorough suckjob late sunday night behind closed doors.