Friday, 27 June 2014

A bump in the road: shouldering on, even though I am not very well armed.

Kits Beach

Dunno about you, but I've noticed that sometimes the universe throws you a great big curve ball, and suddenly everything changes. I don't hear the Gods laughing right now, but I can feel the hand of fate moving deftly these days.  This week I had my first physiotherapy appointment with Alex Fell and another consult with Dr Stein. Alex said that what with my connective tissue issues I do have a much better range of motion than he would have expected so soon after surgery.  Which is good and not so good at the same time.  Since I saw him last, Dr Stein has had a chance to review my files thoroughly, and what he came up with was pretty much all bad. He sat me down and had "the talk" with me.  He said that the damage to my scapula is the worst possible case scenario.  The inch all along the top is intact, and everything underneath is completely shattered into a million tiny pieces. He also said that when I crashed, the force of the impact pushed my ribs into the sternum so hard that the cartilage was pushed out and that the rib cracked where it used to connect. Well, you can see it for yourself.

See the bump? No wonder it hurts to breathe.
Dr Stein said that this is going to be a full six month recovery, and that I absolutely  must not place my shoulder under load until then.  He said "I'm sorry, but I can't give you the green light to race until next spring." I didn't cry at the time, but I did shed a tear later on, and it wasn't only because it still hurts so much that it makes me throw up sometimes. But thank goodness Bill was kind enough to lend me his trainer.  I don't know what I would do if I couldn't sweat.

And thank goodness for Bea bike, too...

I can't haul ass on it, cause the ability to stop is important, and any kind of crash is unthinkable, but at least I can still get around.

 I don't have to buy a car, and I don't need to hop on a bus, either.

Blessed be.  So even though that crash was a serious game changer, and even though it is limiting my options now, it will be alright in the end.  This time away from my road bike is giving me a chance to work on my core strength.

I can spend time with the boys...

and I can enjoy the company of friends on the beach.

All in all, life's not too bad, despite this unexpected bump in the road.  And hey!  The rest of the world seems to be finally catching on to cycling as a way of life.  It's a painfully slow process, but you can see the evidence everywhere...

It fills me with hope to see more and more people on bicycles at time ticks inexorably on. I miss being healthy, whole and unfractured. I still feel the aching need for speed every single day, but at least I'm still here, and I can still ride a little as the rest of the city slowly awakens to the best way of life...

You know what I'm talking about.


  1. What kind of nude beach photo is that?

    Sorry to read about the extended forced time off the racing bike/scene, but let that body heal!

    1. LOL! Still haven't made it to Wreck, despite my best efforts. My family and friends have been wonderful. Absolutely, fantastically supportive and kind, and understanding. Bless them. The thing is, they are all agreed that I have to do as little as possible, which hasn't included a ride to Wreck just yet. I put my foot down, however, and insisted that we get up there next week, once the sun returns again.

      I can't wait.

      God I love that place. MMmmmmmmmmm naked. :)

      Kisses... XX

  2. Hi Ms. Babble,

    Sorry to hear about the news, but you make "broken" look Hot !
    I put a reply to your reply last post.
    I was wondering if any of the specialists recommended any surgery to keep things aligned. Listening to what was put out of place makes me think stuff won't realign prperly if you do anything past breathing. Or maybe there's enough surrounding tissue to keep stuff in place, or maybe the time you had immobile was enough for stuff to set and let the mending begin in proper alignment. Don't know. I am glad you're out and about.

    While absolutely nothing compared with your stuff going on, I was leaning back the other day and when I would take a full breath, something would 'click' in my rib area where I met the cement. It's not doing it now (of course, you can't get the car to make the funny noise for the mechanic!). Maybe it will return for my Dr. Appointment in August.

    In the meanwhile, I hope your pain subsides and don't have any impacts !


    1. Hello Victor, and thank you for both messages. I replied to the first with contact details. Blogger is supposed to give you my email address!! It's kindov a buggy program, this one.

      Re: ribs - very few things are more annoying than rib troubles, cause it sucks when you stop breathing, and that's the only way to stop the pain! Er... even though I love my MD, I still find overall, that the naturopath and chiropractor do more to actually facilitate a well functioning, healthy body than do practioners of western medicine. Have you got a naturopath? Have you seen a chiropractor? Or even a physiotherapist? Maybe give it a go, if you've got the time...

      Oh! ...and happy Friday! I hope you have a fabdabulous weekend. :D

    2. Between firewalls and outdated browsers it's a wonder the machines I use boot up! Haven't seen any of those general specialists. Had a good weekend. Breathing well. haven't sneezed in a bit. We'll see.
      It's Monday already? Really ???


  3. I'm so sorry to hear your recovery is not as smooth or quick as you hoped (which I'm guessing would be 'overnight'). DO take care of yourself and avoid the temptation to push to come back too quickly. So cruel that you were just dipping your toes into racing.

    On a fashionable note - I give you Super Kudos (not available on Strava) for your stylish riding outfit seen above. Given the colour choices we have to get you on a Bianchi! (begins to chant "One of us, one of us, gooble gabble, gooble gabble..")

    Really - take care and heal well.

    Ciao bella,
    Geoff (bianchisto)

    1. OK!! I'm in. Or on... mmmmm Bianchi. :) Italian road bikes all have a special place in my heart. Specially when they're outfitted with Campagnolo....

      Ha! Speaking of which, that's funny. Three different days, three different outfits, and somehow, only one colour scheme. That's cause a gorgeous girlfriend dropped by a few weeks ago with a beautiful blue purse from New York, which I instantly fell in love with. Suddenly I find myself planning outfits around a bag - something I've never, ever done before. Fortunately, I even have jewlery to go with!! :D

  4. Hey Babble, pleased you're mending up even though it taking longer than you hoped.
    I'm off for a fun coffee, cobble stone and beer ride tomorrow.
    I'll take a few pics and maybe even some video footage.
    No wreck beaches near here. Unfortunately they're all too far for me to ride to.
    And it's winter here anyway...brrrr. Maybe in Spring or summer.
    Stay cool.

    1. Aaaaaaand? How did it go? Was it, as they promised, "Just a hell of a lot of fun?" Please do feel free to forward photos and videos... :D

    2. Ah well, apart from the cold, and the constant rain... it was a hoot !
      I still had a hell of a lot of fun finding all the cobblestone sections and riding them with all the others. I only walked once when someone got off 2/3 way up a steep bumpy section, I can't go too slow up hills on my single speed before I lose momentum and fall off.
      Here is a video that a mate of mine took:

  5. That's some pretty swell injury porn.

  6. Dear Babble,
    While conquering the road to recovery you never want to have to retake the same territory twice. Expend your troops wisely. Ribs are particularly lovely.

    1. Cheers! And egggzactly. That's why I am taking the doctor's orders seriously. Bill and I had already planned my first time-trials for the end of July, but no chance of that. I may try my hand at the track over the winter, once my scapula is mended, but this injury has completely derailed my plans to race this year.

  7. ...whilst dealing with a greater litany of health issues myself in this new year, I don't wish to turn this into a pity party but whilst also not having commented here in such a long while, I have been following your exploits, dearest babble...

    ...I must say, beauty, that despite what you deal with on a day to day basis regarding your own health & fitness issues & your constant concern for family, friends, recalcitrant interlopers & the whole world in general, you carry yourself with such great aplomb, fearlessness & elegance as to be inspirational...
    ...such grace from one so admittedly klutzy, ya ???...(smiley face thingy)...

    ...although not having commented in ages, coming here today feels a bit like coming home...

    ...much love, beauty...nos vemos...

    1. ...that should read - "...a greater than usual litany of health issues..."...

    2. I hope you're happy and well soon, it sucks that you're suffering, too.

      And thank you. Welcome home! xo xo

  8. You need to be careful! In your vulnerable condition n'all someone could easily slip up and untie that bikini top and OMGAWD EXPOSED BOOBIES AND WHO WANTS THAT CRAP?!?!