Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Canada's birthday suits Babble.

Can you believe it's that time of year again already?!  Independence day.  Canada doesn't have one, of course, cause it's still In-depends.  But the season remains the same, cause we're all in-continent together. Those Americans get to blow things up the same time of year we Canadians celebrate the true north strong and free beaver.  Not to be confused with the stooopid, stoned, yet still somehow free Bieber.

His pinata - sure to garner as many hits as his website!
Yep.  Independence day.  Here Canada, that amounts to Free Beaver Day. Poor pussy gets stuck indoors as we prepare to leave.

We've planned to free an independent beaver up at Wreck beach, and we've almost everything we need.

After a quick trip to the liquor store, that is.

Supplied by the Red Truck Beer company.  You've gotta love the curves on that baby!

And we're off! In this town, sometimes you've got to go down before you head up, so that's what we did.

Free the beaver season is also prime time for sewer maintenance, and bike routes are not exempt, though you  can see that I'm not putting up with that crap.

What's all the stink about anyway?

I skirted the issue and began the day's first real ascent up towards Wreck Beach through BC's well-endowment lands.  And it was very reassuring to see that BC still puts the provincial in province.  

In New York the Hipster Highlock is a thing of the past, but it's alive and well in Vancouver.

The trail head. Welcome to the top of the 483 steps up from Wreck.

And at the bottom you emerge from under the shade of the temperate rain-forest into a whole different space altogether.  This is the place where Vancouver's free spirits come to hang out.

It's where the free beavers come out to play.

Clothing is optional, but for me the sling is still par for the course.

And when we're done with the sun for the day, its up, up and away!

You'll find all sorts of folks down on that beach, even the most laid back cyclists.

It's a bit of a climb getting back to the bike, but at the end of the day, you get to look forward to a lovely ride back down the hill to get home again.

Every day should be a free the beaver day.


  1. You're a fast climber, but you give plenty of incentive for the cameraman to keep up. Glad to see you oot and aboot, Babs.

    1. Thank you! XX

      Believe me, it's soooo good to BE oot and aboot! Specially there... :D

  2. dancesonpedals3 July 2014 at 07:58

    Did we doubt you could make a sling look fashionable? Glad to see you beavers north of the border are giving your beavers, 'south of the border' the fresh air and sunshine they deserve.;

    1. Right?! If I lived somewhere warm and sunny, every day would be a Free the Beaver day.

  3. Hey thanks for the gratuitous bent shot!

  4. ...speaking of beavers, if oh canada considers sexy creatures to be a resource then you rate highly as part of their "delightful natural product" (dnp) as opposed to their "gross national product" (gnp) like hockey players n' snowmobiles n' stuff...

    ...btw, I bet mcfly could tell you how many steps you took up the stairs & over to your bike...

    1. - solarization = ohhh, great, everybody has an app these days, definitely not fair...

    2. Lol! Yep, and he would probably make me laugh in telling me, some how, some way.

      Ha! Thank you, and I wish! I am afraid not many places in this world actually value any form of womanhood whatsoever, and this particular Canadian administration definitely tows the standard line. I blame it on organised religion, the world-wide standardized and institutionalized mysogeny, and that's why I aspire to be the Pope. When I am Pope, kids will not be discouraged from their onanastic tendencies, and everybody's sexuality will be celebrated.

      Till then, you'll find me online and off, peddling this arse.

      It's awfully good to see you here again. xo

  5. What a classic Babble post, full of double entendre (do Canadians need to know the English version of that expression), nude photos, bike riding and a feeling for the beauty of Vancouver (you and the place). Great to see you on the mend and in sparkling form.


    1. LOL! Thank you... I just had it stuffed. :D

  7. Beavers are nice but I'm glad you didn't wreck your legs too badly. That would be a loss.

  8. You're very fortunate to have such a nice beach within riding distance. And the beach is fortunate too :)
    We have to make it a day trip in the car. As such we haven't been for years.
    I broke my lazy streak and rode half way to work on Friday. No beavers though :(