Monday, 20 October 2014

Simply read: hacking and huing.

I'm a simple person, and so naturally I like simple things.  

Like bikes. I love bikes.  What an elegant design, the bicycle, so efficient, and beautiful, and such a simple transportation solution, too.  

 It doesn't take a Giant intellect to see the beauty of all things Simple.

I love the simple pleasure of replacing the chain on my bike, because the old one wears out so gradually that it's hardly noticable, and yet the difference in performance when you replace it is downright dramatic. Yup. Life is all about the simple things.  

You know what I'm talking about.  Like having dinner with good friends, or witnessing a gorgeous sunrise.  Or riding even before the break of dawn...

Mmm.  I love that.  And flowers.  I love flowers.  And puppies.  Who doesn't love puppies?  And babies.

I love babies, and I love kids, and I especially love to see kids on bikes. I love parents who come up with unique, and inspirational ways to introduce their kids to bikes. Creativity a beautiful thing, don't you think? Now there's a parent just full of great ideas... who'd have thought of it?

A fairing of all things!  Brilliant. I love it. Bet the babe who rides in that seat loves it, too. What's not to love about that? The simple joy of a ride in the sunshine. I love that. What else?  Pretty things. Keats said "Beauty is truth, truth beauty. That's all ye know in life and all ye need to know."

Ye gotta love the beauty all round this town.  As long as you know not to taste of everything beautiful.

That would simply be psylly.

You can expect to find all sorts of things in a temperate rainforest, but it's the unexpected that really lifts the heart. 

Like pretty girls riding in heels and dresses!

Or unicycle lanes...

or even wheely crazy assed camber. 
Whatever turns your crank...

even if it is full of pink slime and animal's unmentionables. Tell you what makes me happiest, though.  

Here's a snapshot of my pussy for you.... :)
Cuddles. I love cuddles. And friends. Nothing better than making new friends. Specially if they're fast friends.  I heard a quote the other day, and sorry, but I have no idea who said it:  "if you're the smartest person in the room, you're in the wrong room." (I never have that problem!) And if you're the fastest rider in the paceline, well, you're in the wrong paceline, too. (I don't need to worry about that, either:)

I rode with the guys from Escape Velocity the other day, and it was awesome!  They are faster than I am, for sure, and that means I will definitely improve over the winter if I can keep up with them. I have been looking for a good club to join, and these gentlemen made me feel very welcome. Besides. Look! The kit is HOT PINK! I love pink. Love. It. All in all, it seems like a simple solution to my search.  I pink, therefore I am!! 

I can think of other pink things to love... can u?


  1. That's sharp kit and will suit you to a 'T'. BTW that "pussy" shot of you make you look like goddess of the silver screen. Wow! (Not that you don't, but - nice shot!)
    On my commute I often pass two adults who have Bakefiet (or bakefiet-like) children carriers. They guy has what is essentially a 'trough' linearly in front of him with three children in it. The woman has two in the standard side-by-side configuration. His looks odder and a bit harder to manage (only two wheels compared to her three) but he IS easier to pass by.
    Keep being you and keep safe for all our sakes. :-)


    1. Thank you! XX That's high praise coming from a photographer of your caliber!

      I loved my Burley trailer, but it was much heavier than those Bakefiets. It's so cool to see them poppoing up all over the place... :)

  2. Oh come on I bet you liking watching a gorgeous anything rise.

    1. Why yes, yes I do... and you know, come to think of it, maybe purple is every bit as good as pink! :)

  3. il Pirata est Mort22 October 2014 at 09:35

    All seems better in the world after that read!

  4. I am glad you are way out west out of the way of the bad things going on in the East regions of the US's Walz Cap.
    I don't want to see you confined to a Niqab. Hard to ride in those too !

    vsk / in Buffalo, NY

    1. Right?! How can anybody think that they have the right to police another person's BELIEFS?! And honestly, the places with the worst violence against women are those with the most fundamentalist religious societies.

      BUT I am very worried about our world going forward, because just as you can't police someone's beliefs, you can't win a religious war with violence.

      Love is the one true law.

    2. Though I know I am a dreamer, and understand that this war will not be over without the loss of many lives on both sides. :(

    3. Not a dreamer... a visionary! (I, on the other hand, am just crazy, not eccentric!).

      I saw Fury over the weekend. I saw The Death of Smyrna some months ago. There are numerous links to nast isis videos. The common thing is humanity (or sub-humanity) does not learn from generation to generation, the value and potential of life. It never ceases to amaze, the brutality that gets inflicted on the innocents.

      Can't start off Monday like that - much cooler stuff to think about...

      I saw the movie Red Dot on the Ocean with the better half. Really cool about a young guy who sails a 27' sailboat around the Americas from Maryland to the Northwest Passage, South to Cape Horn and back. 300 days.

      Good stuff along similar lines - "Morning Light" (kids racing between Hawaii and Cali), Kon-Tiki (Thor Heyerdal's crossing), Maidentrip (Laura Dekker's story).

      Cheers !!

      vsk / Back in NYC!

    4. Awwww - so kind of you. :)

      I like James Risen's take on it in his book Pay Any Price: Greed, Power, and Endless War. His premise is that we have created a whole generation of people who are deeply invested in a continuous state of war. This business with Isis is a symptom of the US invasion of Iraq, something which never would have come to pass had the west left well enough alone. We're fighting an abstraction, and so it's a war we simply cannot win.

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you. I am very lucky to have such a talented photographer at hand, and as time goes on, I am ever so slowly absorbing the principles of photography, so that some of the good photographs are even mine! :D

  6. There's various methods of getting out the coal - hacking and hewing is the normal method; then there's running at it with your head - known as the bad method of getting out the coal... All in all, I'd rather have been a judge than a miner.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. HA!! Maybe I have a little judge blood in me yet, cause clearly I am already to old and tired and sick and stooopid and yet I continue merrily on!

  7. Other pink things that I like.
    Hmmm, pink marshmallows, musk sticks, there is something else but I just can't put my finger on it.
    it's on the tip of my tongue

  8. Hey lady, you polish up real nice.