Sunday, 18 January 2015

Woman about town.

Humanity's complete and utter dependence on fossil fuels is something I've been known to get all worked up about. I needed to take my mind off any and all serious subjects this past weekend. It was definitely time to kick back, to become a tourist in my own backyard, and what better place to do that than in Vancouver's historic Gastown?

Sure, the cobbles are quiet now, 

but this is the site of the Gastown Grand Prix, one of the marquee events in BC's very own Superweek, held this year from July 10-18. I would love to compete, but they don't have a Superweak category for us crash test dummies.

John Denniston
Still. I can dream. And this weekend, that's precisely what I did. I sat and dreamt of fast rides

and of ...

artisinal underwear. That's right.

And lo and behold! Imagine that!

Not all knickers are created equal, y'know.  All it takes is mere cash.

A whack of cash will buy you a seriously suggestive ball and chain of a chair, too. If you're into that sort of thing. 

And if you're not into sitting on something so divinely voluptuous,

You can always find yourself seated upon something velo-uptious. I wandered around the hood a little more, but something was missing.

Something really is missing, too. And Gastown is nothing if not creative. You never know what you'll encounter when you go searching for the Gastown steam-clock these days: 

Some days it looks like this,

while others, like this. But in the tourist books it always looks like this:
Things are not always what you'd expect. But never fear. There are some things you can still count upon in this town. No matter where you find yourself, beauty always abounds, and no matter where you're going,

two wheels are always the best way to get around.


  1. Is that what the west coast looks like all winter? Talk about a cycling paradise!

    1. It IS heavenly... :)
      We do get some snow, though it rarely sticks around for long. But having said that, I rode through the winters in Edmonton, Alberta for years, way back in the days when global warming was just a welcome suggestion. I did it on an old school, rigid Cannondale mountain bike without any trouble whatsoever, bar the rednecks who insisted it couldn't - or shouldn't!! - be done. In some ways, snow is a delight to ride, compared with endless soggy days...

      Podium kisses! XX

  2. Babble, ah! Thanks for the photo tour of Gastown, Vancouver! Scrutinized the photographs, looking for…(what I’m ALWAYS lookin’ for when I’m on a ride - a doughnut shop!). Didn’t see one. I guess Gastown is a little too “upscale”? Unless that “Licensed” coffee house serves up doughy/refined sugar treasures? Anyhow, Gastown, interesting place! It must be said too, your “style” on the bike is - as they say in the UK - brilliant! Was it cold that day? Looked cold. Temperature here now (Central California), is in the 70’s. I’m heading out for a ride…and I KNOW where the doughnut shop is. Great post, thanks!

  3. Oh, but if you come to Gastown, you can try the world's most delectable donut, the Canadian Whiskey Maple Bacon donut, from Cartems. Mmmmm Cartems... Mmmmm bacon. Mmmmmmmm

    1. Oh my. That Cartems "Chocolate Glaze"! Oh why I ride bikes...

  4. il Priata est Mort20 January 2015 at 06:02

    Ms Babs the whole "depedant on fossile fuels" cycle of doom has permiated your psyche causing you to pedal butt in Gastown.

    Unless this is a reference to intestinal gas; then I will stand corrected.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Lol! Yes, it's true. And pedaling my butt even led to peddling my butt...!!

  5. Are you seeing this phenomenon is your area?

    We are starting to see this disturbing trend in N. Calif.....