Thursday, 16 May 2013

Bits 'n' bobs for better biking, and time off for good behavior, too.

Hola from Kitsilano Beach! 

Once upon a few years ago, my best mate and I shared a delightful au pair named YESsica.

That almost sounds naughty, doesn't it? 

It wasn't.  She was wonderful, our lovely young YESsica.  
She helped out with our kids while we sat around on the beach all day...


Yeah right.  We were developing what was certain to become a widely recognized house and home-ware brand, and a force to be reckoned with on a global scale. You'd have figured you were on to something, too, if Oprah's peeps called you, to feature you in the ultimate issue of O at Home magazine...wouldn't you?   

(shameless self-promotion)
Course you would.

(Shame is over-rated anyway)

We worked hard, even as those small boys needed to play hard.  You can understand, then, how much we appreciated having someone on hand to keep track of the comings and goings of  a herd of three small boys who wanted nothing more than to get into mischief at every possible opportunity, can't you? Someone hip to how frighteningly fast a feral young child can climb to the top of a very tall tree, which thankfully, she was. 

Better yet, lovely young YESsica was wonderful with the three boys.  She would sit down with the little ones after kindergarten and go through their letters and numbers with them for twenty minutes or so, and again and again we'd hear her mantra, as day after day after day she tutored them, encouraging them to focus on their letters. "Come on boys! Time to concentrate.  You can do it. FUCKusFUCKusFUCKus!"

Yes, yes, sweet YESica....
I can almost hear you now.

So many steps, so little time

Dear reader,
I love you.
Thank you for being here and indulging my flights of fancy.  
If you've been reading between the lines, you've probably noticed that I share my passion here on these pages, and I am a very passionate woman.
I love doing this, posting my cyclexploits so you can enjoy them, too.

But YESsica's right.

It's time to

Sometimes life gives you the ass end of the deal, doesn't it? 

And when it does, that's the time to pick yourself up by the boot-straps, get your feces coagulated, and move in a new direction. That's my intention now.  I am looking for a great new position for a girl endowed with the gift of the babble and very strong legs, so if you hear of something, please let me know.

I am also working on a few babble bits...

No, not those ones.
Bits for bikes so more people out there can share the joy of life in the bike lane.

And the boy needs me to FUCKusFUCKusFUCKus some more of my attention upon him, too.

Why am I telling you this?
Because as much as I love writing these posts to share with you, time is of the essence, and I need to spend mine on a few other endeavors for the next little while.  I have to take a short hiatus from spokenscene.

But you know I'll be back.


  1. Good luck in your endeavors, Babble. I'll miss your witty and punny ramblings.


  2. Fare thee well, Babble. We're not going to lose you over at Snobby's house, are we?

  3. Hang in there, Babble. Good luck on the new journey, with your skills it will be fun. I'll miss you. Johann

  4. Best wishes on yr time off - I've enjoyed reading yr blog and your comments @bikesnob. Come back soon!


  5. Thanks for everything, Babs.
    Don't be gone too long.

  6. Hi Babble,
    Just seen your news over at the Snob Site and wanted to say how sorry I was. You and The Man looked good together, hope one or both of you get the chance to reconsider.

  7. Sorry to hear about the double dose of badness all within a month.

    You seem like a really strong woman, I mean personality wise, I'm willing to bet you'll bounce back real strong on both fronts.

    As far as the "...time off for good behavior..." Goes:

    "Well-behaved women seldom make History."---Laura Ulrich Thatcher

  8. Babble,

    I'm sorry to hear of all your recent downers, but I know you'll be able to turn things around. Time and good friends can heal almost any wounds.

  9. ...kind of at a loss for words, my friend so i'll simply say that you are loved & cared for not just by family & friends but so many here that only know you from these cycling webs...

    ...peace to you.........'til you're ready to stir up more shit, luv...& i say that in the most positive manner...