Friday, 5 July 2013

Super Summer Special! Come and get it while it's hot!

Are you ready for the special summer report?  

Special thing number one: 
Canadian Svein Tuft on the podium, Stage 4, Tour de France. Pedal
 Did I tell ya, or did I tell ya? Langley boy Svein Tuft was on the podium in Nice this week as an integral member of the fastest ever time trial in the Tour de France.
That's special, don't you think?
Yet do you think you can find even a murmur of this sweet little moment in sporting history on our national news source, the CBC?
Don't be silly. This is Canada.  If it isn't hockey, it doesn't matter.
Hockey is special.

Brands can be special sometimes.
What do a bicycle drive train, a water pump, and a time machine have in common?
Yes, Schlumpf.  A marketer's worst nightmare.  It means Smurf in German,
but that doesn't mean they take their design lightly.
Oooooh no.

 Clever little drive train, isn't it? It's got two gears.  Here's when it's in one gear...

And here's the other:

That's cool.  Right? 
Apparently there is a 105 yr old Schlumpf pump out there, still doing what pumps do best, 
pumping away.

That will be me in time, 105 and still pump pump pumping away... :) 

And that brings me to my favourite subject.


I'm special, too, you know.
Mum always said so.
That's why I have to wear a helmet.

So when the CBC asked
"Would you wear these bike helmets?"
I felt obliged to answer.

The Hovding airbag collar helmet is a natural fit for my particularly breezy cranium.

And fully deployed it really resonates with my inner space cadet.

Love.  It.

And look.  Carrera has a folding helmet that fits in your bag.

That'll do.

Oh dear.  

I'm afraid under certain conditions you might just achieve lift off.  
And, er...

Yeah, oh so no. 
I can sort of see the appeal to the Closca:

And I know one or two bad-girls gone good who might don the Marion Ferrec

but please dear God,

please spare me the humiliation of ever having to wear an overgrown egg carton on my head.
That is soooooooooooo not hot.

Do you know what is hot? Cycling the seawall on sweet, sexy summer nights, that's what.

Mmm summer. 
Nothing better than people-watching on Kits Beach on a mid-summer's eve.

Vancouver is super special, specially in summer 
and there's no better way to explore it than on two wheels.

Come 'n' get it while it's hot.
You know you wanna...


  1. Schlumpf sure as hell ain't slackers. Judging by the heel, that one's on a bike of yours?

    I guess you like the ability to change gear with your heels ;)

  2. That Carrion Ferret helmetty thing would look soo good on the heads of Robs Fords. Or come to think of it, holding their multiple chins off the floor.

    ...but as a cycling helmet, ummm, no.

    Come to think of it, it reminds me of one of those collars that dogs get to stop them licking their balls. Oh shit, I walked right into that, didn't I? :)