Saturday, 24 August 2013

Stairs or airs?

There was an unusual landing on Wreck Beach the other day...

the Coast Guard arrived amidst a flurry of water, wind and sand.

Someone was in medical distress and needed a lift off the beach, and this was the hover-ambulance which answered the 911 call for emergency services.  
That's one way to avoid climbing the stairs back to civilization.


  1. What "medical emergency" ? Sudden rush of blood from the head?

    robostopper eathera 5 ok, if you insist

  2. ..." a swooping, sharp eyed gull, i stilled in mid-air, to hover most craftily over that delightfully elegant form, wrecked as were i by her naked beauty on that windswept sandy shore..."...

    ...sheesh...i think i'm writing a victorian novel inspired by "beauty & the beach"...

  3. Over many posts I've noticed the vast majority of Wreck Beach beach goers are clothing attired. What percentage, would you estimate, of the beach goers are sans trunks, bikinis, etc?

    1. Actually it's probably about sixty percent. It's just that technically wreck has a no-photos policy so I try not to expose other people's nekkedness

  4. If this photo is a representative sample, I'd say about 30% unclothed.

  5. I'm a crack addict! more, more, more...

  6. ...btw, lovely babble...after seeing you last winter, all bundled up, sitting on the porcelain throne, feeling run-down & under the weather, it's delightful to see you aroused by the elements as you sit naked, warmed by the sun & sand, feeling happy & healthy...
    ...& my god, you look gorgeous...