Sunday, 12 January 2014

Raining in an aversion to wet weather rides...

Are you building an ark?  Might be a good idea, cause it looks like it's about to rain for forty days and forty nights. It's an honest to goodness deluge.

I'm tired of wiping black aluminum and brake pad residue off of Ti Baby's shiny gold rims.  I still need to move, so when the floods came this weekend I headed for the woods on the Rocky Mountain Soul instead, complete with dick breaks, which are great for all of those cum-what-may rides. 

Just across from Spanish Banks beach out there in the great grey beyond you'll find a sign...

 and one of many entrances to the trail system in Pacific Spirit regional park.

You'll find a lot of people on these trails on a rainy Sunday morning, though today they're as likely to be fording as running.

I like spending a bit of time in the forest.  It's peaceful. 

 It helps me get to the root of things

and provides some much needed perspective.

Goodness knows what you might discover round the next corner...

but with any luck, it floats, cause today the trails themselves may carry you away.

'Cept where they slow you up in the muck that is.

As much as I like to get down and dirty, it wasn't a great day for spending time out of doors.  Still, as challenging as it was, you know how it goes.
I ride therefore I am.
Veho ergo sum.