Monday, 6 January 2014

New Year's Revolution, 2014: spend more time spinning in the saddle.

Hello from Vancouver!

Happy New Year!
This year I resolved to honour my inner dirty girl, and would you look at that?

So far, so good! You've gotta love success.  I was chasing Fast Fred for a bit that day, and within minutes I was coated in road smegma from the top of my head to the tip of my toes.  Not that I was complaining, or anything.  Dirty suits me to a T, inside and out, front...

and back.

Have you made any resolutions? Last year I swore I'd quit swearing, but damned if I could do it. The swear jar does waaaay too well by me, so that one is still pending, and quite challenging. That's why this year I decided to keep it simple.
  Like me.

You've gotta love the simple things.  You know, like working up a good sweat on a frosty January morning,

or riding a bike every day instead of driving and getting stuck in traffic. It's a decision more and more people are taking, so that now you'll even find bicycles on the front of newspapers...

and used as a selling feature for realtors, of all things!

The sweetest thing about the simple cycle life is how it works on so many levels.

You can line up to shell out twenty clams for parking,

or you can ride your bike to the event instead and treat yourself and a friend to drinks when it's over, and never know where that might lead.

Whether you end up with a cute little pussy or no, though, it's still money well spent!

It's such an easy, graceful solution, the bicycle.
That's why I'm all about this New Year's Revolution.

It's pure and simple.
In 2014
I'm just sitting here making those wheels go round n round...
I really love to make them roll.


  1. Day-um. You better not get in much better shape!

  2. I am skeert of those legs. Just frankly skeert. Happy New Year Miss Babylon.

  3. I'm on my way on my 650b. Negative degreezes be damned!! Thanks for the mid day awesomeness!!

    vsk / Brooklyn, NY

  4. Info on that chrome bike? Looks nice.

    1. Bottecchia pseudo-fixie with a coaster brake circa nineteen eighty something, I think? It was mangled and dumped on the top of a dumpster downtown before a man with re-purpose-it-itis got his mitts on it.

  5. Does your fertile crescent get a little drippy when you are doing sexy ass selfies? Mmmmmm hmmmmmm..........

  6. Just once I would like to open my apartment door and have that delivered. Hot and fresh.

    Love, Peter S.

  7. Vancouver's tourist board should be paying you. Your blog makes me want to plan a trip for summer.

  8. Jesus Babs, I just came in my pants!
    Capthca LPourth touched - I kid you not.