Sunday, 2 February 2014

Cleanliness is next to Godliness. 'Nough said.

Bea Bike is all beat up.  She's been used and abused, rode hard and put away wet.  She's been around the block a few thousand times with a rider who is always hard-on things.  Bit rough round the edges, this one, all ragged and rusty, down and dirty.

I wanted to take Bea somewhere she would be comfortable, so I donned my seven inch, thigh high boots

and rode her hard and fast, all the way to Taboo,

that naughty but nice sex show.  

K.  Just so you know... this is a NSFW post.  You might, ever so possibly, mayyyyybe come across a photo of  breasts or penises... boobs' n' tubes, as it were... cause it's dirty. 
 Bad. Ass.

And a bit cheeky.
I fit right in at Taboo... 

... right into all sorts of things.

I was just taking stock of the situation.

Speaking of taking stock and fitting in, check this out:

Who knew guys could fit into a pole dancing class so well?  Jose up there is a champion boxer from Mexico with a penchant for a slightly less pugilistic sport.  He is definitely getting hit on these days, but the hits he's taking now aren't nearly as painful as the kind he's used to.   

And these aren't the kind I'm used to, either, but the man was intent on demonstrating his wares.  I asked him if he had any used canes, but he said that they are all brand spanking new.

My nearly new boots and I got dragged up on stage

where a lovely, ever so funny girl with an enchanting baritone voice and the cutest hairdo in the history of FOREVER gave me this artfully hip little wallet,  

just cause she loves those badass boots of mine. 

I was trying to take an artfully hip shot of a whole whack of penises standing at attention,

when lo and behold, the real dink working behind the counter told me it wasn't the best place for a girl with a camera to be hanging out, 

at least not without a wide angle lens. 
What a prick!

I got tired of getting dicked around, so I set off in search of a breast case scenario.
Ask and ye shall receive. 

I asked if I could borrow some lip gloss, but she didn't seem to be carrying any on her.
Go figure. She did recommend the sex blankets, 

but really, who gives a sheet?
Some people say I can be a bit cagey

but I am just trying to emulate my hero, Willie the Shake.
The Barred.  

Some people think all things sexy are a sin - they take issue with my kind of prayer, you know, the kind that has you calling out to God in the middle of the night...?  They say it's all wrong, and they call it Taboo. It's a crazy mixed up world we live in, all upside down and backward, where violence is commonplace and love is outlawed, but it's my right to write the naked truth as I see it.

The bard wrote of the one and only story, the tale of the human condition.  We are each of us alone in our bodies, doing the very best we can with the tools at hand, and that's enough. My body talks to me, it tells me what's good for it and what's not, and it says a big yes to a punishing ride every day, specially when it's done with love.  I look a bit like Bea bike sometimes, a bit rough around the edges for all those sweaty, pounding rides, but it's all good.  A lotta miles is a look I can wear with a smile on my face. :)

Don't know if it will bring me any closer to God, but I can always clean my bike. 


  1. are so delightfully fucking hot !!!... continue to grow as a beautiful flower & in reminding you, i'm simply showering you with fresh rain...

  2. ... every human creature is constituted to be that profound secret and mystery to every other.

    I hope you have good weather!!

    vsk / snowed in in Brooklyn . . .

  3. ashamed to use my real pseudonym3 February 2014 at 13:10

    i dub thee babbleon, queen of the overhead selfie

  4. Agreed, she gives great overheads!

  5. Daamm Gurl! Wow...You always surprise me, in a good way! XXX ;-)