Thursday, 13 February 2014

Time to face the music, whether or not I like the tune.

Oh dear.  
Last weekend Dave, the manager of our local cold beer and wine store kindly gave us two tickets to the Imagine Dragons concert.

That can't be a very good sign, can it?  Do you suppose I ought to quit drinking? 
I dunno.  It almost seems to be paying off... the concert was fun!  It has been a very long time since I've seen a concert in such a large venue.

Used to be that people held up lighters way back when, but the times they are a changing. 
These days it's cell phone flashlights.

No matter what, though, live music always  makes me smile.

It also makes me wanna shake my tail feather.

I hadn't really put any thought into the carbon footprint of your average concert till I noticed all of the trucks outside the arena ahead of the Miley Cyrus concert this weekend...

For some unfathomable reason a good number of these vehicles spend a surprising amount of time idling, even though they have been parked here for days. What's even more surprising to me is that Miley's is an almost modest convoy in the grand scheme of things.  
The Metallica event saw nearly twice as many trucks!

You'd have needed a wide angle lens to capture them all, rather than a silly little dumb-phone.
Who knew concerts were such energy pigs?

That's big business!
Well... unless you're marching to the beat of a different drummer, 

and opposing tarsands development, the way Neil Young is.
At the other end of the business spectrum from mega concerts and tarsands development is this little beauty:

That's right.  The slogan reads "Pedaling Epic Coffee." 
Better yet, the top of this portable little coffee shop is sporting the solar panels which power it.  
That's whatcha call seriously good energy.

That guy you see there is an Aussie who hand built his little coffee-cart down under and then took to the road.  He's pedaling his wares a long way from home now, but he's definitely in tune with the times.

If you see him around, stop by for a cuppa!
You're sure to leave with a song in your heart.


  1. Happy clear road Valentine's Day !! From mucky NYC. vsk

  2. I realized I had to quit drinking when my local liquor store started giving me t-shirts with Irish whiskey logos. Just celebrated my three year sobriety anniversary.

    1. Congratulations! Was it challenging?

    2. Some days are more challenging than others. I cannot overstate how supportive my wife and friends are. When I told a friend I had quit, he was very happy for me and said he had been concerned for years. Prayer helps. I think it's important to say thank you daily to whatever is out there, especially if it has been a shit day.

    3. Yes. Appreciation is the best state of mind with which to counteract the crap life sometimes throws at you.
      I'm happy your family and friends are there for you. It makes a world of difference.

  3. Babs ! What a great pic in front of #1810. Terrific use of lighting. Love those gams.

    1. Thank you. Dunno where I'd be without em...

  4. Of course, when pavco wants to be all green (cheap) and light up the olympic torch with LEDs instead of burning gas, that's a different story. Hmm, maybe we could siphon the fuel tanks of those semis and burn the fuel in the torch.

    1. What was the dollar figure for turning it on? $200 000?

    2. Yeah, $200k was the figure I heard. I was surprised it's so much. Still, people were willing to pay for it. Maybe they could modify it so it burned a smaller flame? Oh well, I guess to be the greenest city we'll keep the flame out so we can use the carbon credits to idle more vehicles. 8-|

  5. Nice post, loved looking at the photos of the cart! The coffee guy is our good friend, he makes super strong coffee and hopefully you were buzzing after you left!