Sunday, 4 November 2012

Take a ride on the East side...

Mini-me was elsewhere this weekend, so the man and I were free to indulge our impulses.  In a rare dry moment, we decided to grab our cameras and head for the East side of town.

He said "hey baby, take a ride on the wild side..."

The sound of falling water was too familiar to ignore completely.
Do do do do doo do do do do do doo do do do...

At one stop the man lamented his steed's lack of carrying capacity...

Cheer up, sunshine, I know of just the thing.
Do do do do doo do do do do do doo do do...

That's BC Place all lit up in the background there.  The roof on that baby is a half a billion dollars worth of technology, the biggest retractable roof in the world, that WHAT???!!??? 
In a rainforest.

He took a photo of me...

Taking a photo of the Cambie St Bridge.


We really started rolling, but lighting proved to be an issue.
Do do do do doo do do do do do doo do do...

Our local skate park ain't no Dogtown, but it is Downtown.
Hey baby...

Aaaand what have we here?

 WHOOOZAT blocking the bikelane in Gastown??
Just the local constabulary.
Bloody Timbits.

And hey babe, what do do do do doo do do you know?
They've attracted a crowd.  This was me taking a photo of him

taking a photo of me.  Said hey honey... Where's the red-eye filter when you need it??

Hey sugar, take a ride on  the wild side.

You'd need a lot more than a filter to fix what's glaringly wrong with this place.  Main and Hastings on Vancouver's Downtown Eastside, this is where you will find drugs, prostitution, crime, and poverty in a vortex, a ground zero, a portal into a certain circle of hell.  

Misery lives here.

Hey babe...

Thank goodness it's not all doom and gloom.
We turned back and headed across town to the very antithesis of this, to safe, quiet, privileged Kitsilano. As we made our way home, I was reminded of another night not so very long ago, as we rode these very same roads.
On that evening, we ran into a disco ride of all things. 

Sugarplum fairy came and hit the streets...


but then
who can resist a ride on the wild side?



  1. Hey there,
    Thanks for the motivation. I'll do a similar post about next Saturday's ride just for the contrast.(likely to be high 30's Celsius, one or two cars and no people, in 60km) Oh yes, and sun, lots of sun!
    Just for you.

    1. One of these winters, you'll find me knock knock knocking on your door... :)

  2. Damn, babble, you've got me on a Lou Reid trip.
    Have a L.O.U.D. listen to Wagon Wheel ;)

  3. Great series of photos!

    ...and I agree with africansingle. Time to blast some Lou Reed while I work.

  4. Paddle On!!

    I loved that response ;)

  5. Knock knock knockin on heavens door...