Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Think Pink: Tuesday's Shoes

Two Tuesdays ago
People often ask how I ride a bike dressed for work day after day rain or shine. I wonder what makes people feel like they have to dress any differently to ride a bike than they do to drive a car or ride a bus.(Fenders and mud flaps are my saving grace.) On a day like today, when my bike could do with outriggers, I swap shoes for boots, a la:

Someone recently told me that he watches aghast from afar wondering what I will wear next.  Which is why, when Blogspot, which has been acting a bit buggy of late, ate the story I wanted to share with you, I decided perhaps this would be good to take a moment to do a different kind of sharing.  I was aghast at the blank screen and now someone else gets to be aghast from afar, too, because I will send this to his inbox. I'm mature that way.

(Yes, thank you, I do know about the little "back" arrow. I closed the post, and when I did, the whole thing just vanished)  I did save a recent-ish version of about half of the story, but the formatting doesn't copy and paste from word to blogspot so this will take a little bit.  Bear with me, please and thank you.

 In the meantime

 You'll find me dressed as I am

on one of Vancouver's hundred km of bike paths.

And if you don't like it, you know what you can do.



  1. ...whilst one story was lost, "...every picture tells a story, don't it ???..."...

  2. ...and that belongs to the hitherto unknown tribe of Pink Canoeists?

  3. ...the little 'man in the boat' always looks good in a pink canoe...

  4. ...so, luv...are those lovely eyes brown or is that simply a trick of the light ???...

    ...(yes, i'm aware you have a man in your life)...(& i'm not the type to try & intrude)...

    ...my other real question would be - what is a simple e-address for you ???...i click on your "profile e-mail" & it wants me to configure & utilize stuff i don't need on my computer...
    ...i tried the 'b-o-b@g...' but that seemingly didn't take...

    ...& i don't "do" twitter & facebook...i have it on good authority that that stuff will steal your very soul...

  5. Thank you! They're kindov green and kindov brown. One son has brown eyes, the other blue, so we know I'm a mutt deep down inside.

    kerry@purebyamimckay.com will do it.

    Blogspot is supposed to send you to babbleonbabe@gmail.com when you try to email me, but again, it has been very buggy lately. I think I will retire that account, anyway, though, cause it's a pain to check that one.

    AHA!! I was wondering where my soul went...