Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Daylight's doom is heavenly still...

You may not notice anything different, but rest assured, this is the new me.  I have seen the light, and not just any old light, either.  I have seen the Jacob Daylight DOOM shacka lacka light, and believe me, once you've seen it, well things will never quite be the same again.  It began here:

Which is slightly curious...

and here's the other half.  What you may not see clearly is the url,  which takes you here:

And once here you will find that "Jacob Daylight delivers timeless notification of your impending doom."  Naturally, I have questions. Every time someone warns me of my impending doom, immediately questions spring to mind.  Like:  Really?  How am I checking out, then, and how long have I got?  Is this an Armageddon situation, or is it just me on my own off to face the reaper?  Well, don't worry... if you have questions, you can always contact Jacob Daylight thus:

Film makers and news reporters
may contact Jacob by email at JacobDaylight@Gmail.com

If you are an individual with questions about your impending doom, please allow up to 7 days for reply by email as Jacob has more important things to do.

I'm a proactive kindov gal, however, and I figured if my doom is impending seven days may be too long, so I'd best make preparations.  Naturally,  I got back on my bike...

...and made my way to hockey heaven, where dreams of a 2012-13 season have all gone to rest.

I figured if I have to go now, well, at least I'll be in good company. And now that I know how easy it is to get to heaven, I can just

Doom Schmoom. 


  1. I am sure that he has much more important things to do, like making more of those signs with duct tape lettering. You just can't rush that kind of art.

  2. ARMAGEDDON!!! (I'm imagining a parrot shouting this but, for the life of me can't remember the pop-cult reference). I should have something to drink. That is all.

    1. Have a double, and then have one for me.

  3. ...maybe if you just scream 'jeezus' when you cum, you'll be spared...

    ...just sayin'...

    1. That's whatcha call praying. I pray daily so fer sure my soul is saved.

  4. ...always delightfuly pretty in pink but WOW, regal in red...ass kicking 'regal in red'...

    ...new bauers, ehhh ???...i wanna know more...last weeks bum bruises healed up & you're gonna become a regular queen of the ice again, canadian girl ???...

    ...timely post...i just last night (monday) scoped out the nearby 'christmas' rink (tiny & for the kids...) & in informing a few of the ol' crew that it was a 'no go', we persuaded ourselves to once again "lace 'em up" at some of the newer ice venues around the bay area, over the winter...

    ...this, after sunday night, when i spent hours on-line researching a replacement for the old ccm's...poppa wants a new pair a' blades...

    ...i sense a trend here...

    1. Thank you! I LOVE pretty things. Pretty people, pretty clothes, pretty rooms, pretty bikes...

      Those skates are not mine. I will continue to skate a few times a year- though it would do me good to abstain from the ice after six drinks or so...

      No, the new skates are for mini-me II, who is also signed up for lessons with people who can teach him to skate without incurring massive bruises on his bum.

      If you happen to be up in this neck of the woods, I know a great place to score a deal on blades, poppa san.

  5. You have a fascinating amount of accessories.

    1. Do you mean baskets, lights, etc or are we talking shoes here?