Thursday, 24 January 2013

Writing FLUently

 The boss sent me home yesterday, saying 
"Don't come back till you're well again.  And NO BLOGGING!"

I don't feel Canadian any more.  I feel Phlegmish.
 Even with the flu, though, I'm still moving...

 I am taking it easy, at least for a little bit, and I'm dreaming of the dog days of summer.  
Again, eat your heart out, Mr Colville Andersen.  All the pretty girls smile for me.

She was off to the Vancouver Folk Festival...

English Bay Beauty

Sunshine smiles at Olympic Village.

Beautiful Bicycle Babe (smiling for you):

 Flu sucks. But I have hope...

 for less ailing and more ale-ing!

This, too, shall pass. 
Soon enough I'll be movin' and groovin' on a bike once more.
Till then? Happy trails, peeps.


  1. You look like shit. Love, McFly

  2. Get well soon!

  3. Should have gotten a flu shot.

    Hee Hee! Please Don't kill me.

    1. Funny...

      Apparently there are three different flu viruses floating around this year, and one of them is a novel virus, so we're all susceptible, flu shot or not. And the mercury, formaldehyde and other nasties in the jab don't exactly boost your body's immune function.

  4. ...get strong & healthy, girl...

    ...for all of us here commenting, you're "...our..." wacky & wonderful babble on & we want you at your best...

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  6. Last photo contains most of cure you need. Add a shot glass and you could say you had a flu shot. Get Well & get riding.

  7. ...btw...some clown posted this comment on 'another' blogsite - "...last week you were party girl...this week you're potty girl..."...

    ...sheesh...what disrespectful bathroom humor...some people are willing to plumb the depths of poor taste simply 'cuz they're flushed to see their name on the screen...'s sad to see people dump a shitty attitude on you, babble & i hope that smile gets wiped off their face...

    1. Wow! You're good!

      Thank you.

    2. ...see that ???...instead of kicking me out of school years ago for being a 'smart ass', they should have encouraged to be a comedy writer...

      ...captcha = amennse (talent ???) 3785

      ...just sayin'...

  8. Best to you Babble, love your blog! Keep peddling...