Sunday, 24 February 2013

The crotchety old battle of the sexes: it's no walk in the park.

Just when you thought it was safe to step out, look out. 

Apparently you can die laughing, too, but I took a chance and rode to the

"I only go out dancing to get laid"
comedy night and dance party

It.  Was.  Fabulous.
$8 advance tix, $12 at the door, and $3 beer!

Lots of great acts kept us in stitches
before our girl Shirl even took the stage.

She's hot, and she was brilliant, too.
I love the way she had all the guys in the audience singing 
"Men like to come on my face,
men like to come on my face.
Sometimes on my tits and sometimes on my ass
but they mostly come on my face."
It takes a special woman to make that kind of thing happen, don't you think?

There were pyjama people in flannel onesies, 
you know, those lovely head-to-toe jimjams babies wear... 
The pyjama peeps were hanging around all over the place,
singing, dancing, and manning the cams.

Looks like there was a lunatic on the dance floor, too.

Damned gin.

It was nearly one, and we were getting ready to leave,
 when two of the cutest pyjama-girls got on-stage and started taking off their onesies in a show of sorts.  
Even though I missed the narrative it was highly entertaining.

That girl Shirley Gnome sure knows how to throw a monumental party..

And this town has its share of monumental party-poopers, too.

To be fair, it is a bit of a prickly situation and it has arisen because the Vancouver Parks Board has decided to erect an enormous phallic obelisk right beside the Marker of Change memorial site, a feminist sanctuary in Thornton Park dedicated to all women murdered at the hands of men.

from the National Post
Has it really cum to this?
Who would have the balls to erect such a phallic symbol and stick it in the midst of the vulva embossed benches of this feminine enclave?

They could erect it by the sewage pumping station at the other end of the park,
but you know somebody will make a big stink about it.

Hey! I know where they can stick it!  Not that special place where the sun doesn't shine, but a special place where it does... the recently rebranded Dude Chilling Park.

With it's Dude Chilling.

With the addition of a great phallic monument, 
Dude Chilling Park will be dubbed Dude Chubbin' Park.

And the truth is that everyone would be better off if we were all chillin' and chubbin' instead of wasting so much time and effort fighting about matters of the crotch.  It's pathetic that there are still so many battles to be fought and won for gender equality here on earth, because really, we should be shifting our focus to providing for future generations rather than enforcing the protection of basic human rights for those of us already here.  Last week I was surprised to discover how many people question that we are all entitled to the most basic, fundamental human rights, but it makes sense, really, since there isn't much evidence that our society has any kind of real respect for the charter of rights and freedoms in the first place.

Where do we go from here?
Goodness only knows, but I'm going for a dino-ride. 

It may not solve all the world's problems, but it sure can't hurt.


  1. Looks like it was a great party!
    Wish I wasn't stuck at work, I'd like to go for a ride right now...

  2. initial interpretation & this hasn't changed, is that the 'marker of change' in thornton park definitely needs be left to stand alone in tribute to those women who lost their lives to fatal violence by men...

    ...i do find it both disturbing & tasteless that van's 'parks board' would even consider adding anything, never mind what's proposed, particularly when it had been identified with another location...

    ...okay, that didn't work out but find somewhere proper to place it, don't dump it insensitivly in the middle (essentially) of a meaningful tribute... following the informational link to understand more, i found myself not simply disturbed but disgusted by the smary, moronic, gender polarized viewpoints of both sides...

    ...we're human beings, born of women, born of mothers but it seems more important here with an issue at hand to vilify the opposite sex to make a point...& for what reason ???... little rant has nothing to do with your comments, babble, 'cuz you know i usually chuckle along with your double entendred humor but right now i find nothing funny here...i'm pissed & disgusted by the comments of these fucking assclown canadians who don't "get" what this park is about...

    ...i'm not a feminist type, i'm not an 'anything' type but i am a man of passion, i am a man who cares & i'm a man who knows where he came from...

    ...leave the fucking park alone as a tribute & just as importantly, keep your attitude off the fucking grass...

    1. "...smarmy..."...pardon my spelling mistake...

      ...i was incensed when i wrote that & now, hours later, even after a ride, not so much different...

    2. I get it, sunshine.
      This country is MESSED up in so many ways... it's no wonder you left.

    3., my friend...i left 'cuz i was young, adventuous, a bit foolhardy & familial situations made life look bleak in canada & yet, here, the center of the known universe of that era (the late '60's) beckoned...

      ...i've had the opportunity here in marin to learn, grow, evolve & become a developing wonderful friendships, i've never regreted my choice but deep in my heart, i'll always carry a pride for my canadian roots...

      ...yet, i thank you for being one in particular to open my eyes to the many realities of my old home...unfortunately, the alternatives, when closely examined, are always products of their own "messes"...

      ...that's one reason why you are important in this life, babble, no matter where you are...sometimes, people needs be made to face their realities so that they might address & hopefully change them, despite how uncomfortable that makes them feel... i've said before, you remind me of someone else who was strongly influential as a humanitarian in my life...

      ...thank you...

  3. I know of a place where they could shove that monument, but it might take the grin off Robs Fords chops.

    1. Heh heh. Yeah, and it will take the jaws of life to get it out again...

      Good thinking.

  4. I thought you and BGW might find this interesting. From today's Writer's Almanac:

    "It's the birthday of novelist Colum McCann (books by this author), born in Dublin, Ireland (1965). He's the author of Let the Great World Spin (2009), which won the 2009 National Book Award. His fiction has been translated into 30 languages.

    He grew up in suburban middle-class Dublin in a house full of books and majored in journalism. At age 21, he moved to the United States, intent on writing the great American novel that summer. He didn't get very far. He decided he needed to go see America, so he hopped on a 15-speed Schwinn and bicycled around the country. He cycled 12,000 miles, winding through 40 states, collecting stories all along the way — stories that still make their way into his fiction a couple of decades later."

    P.S. Great to see how far you get those kids to ride.