Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Pedalling my ass along the way to Car-Free day.

June 16th was Car-Free day here in Vancouver.  You've gotta...

I sure do.  Almost all of my days are car-free, and that makes me happy.
It's not that I hate cars.  Not at all, and in fact, some of them are gorgeous.  
Like this one:

soooooo pretty. And perfect for highway miles, too.
But cars aren't exactly useful for city living, so you can understand why I was excited to hear that Vancouver was hosting Car-Free day.
Lots and lots of people came to Main St to see what all the fuss was about...

old people, young people, fat people and bone-thin people, too.

There was free parking for those who  came by bicycle...

and there were a few interesting bikes on hand, too.

What would you like, plywood, plastic, or titanium?
You know which I prefer, but to each her own.

Whichever bike you choose, you can always crochet a little something to dress it up a bit.

Why not blend your own bike-powered margarita? 

I was a little disappointed with Car-Free day, though. It just seemed like a big, open-air market, when it could have been a great opportunity to show people how good life can be when you live it right, how strong and fit and healthy you will feel if you just park the damned vehicle already, and get about under your own steam.    


These days you'll find me pedalling my ass, Pacific Spirit style, trying to find a way to get the message out to the masses. Why?  

Just trying to spread the joy, baby.


  1. More sundress, please.

  2. Way to go Babble! I'll be peddling my ass today after work. Provided we don't get the expected thunderstorms. :'( Again.

    1. Aren't you grounded if you're on a bike?

      I hope the weather cooperates. There are quite a few people trying to outrun thunderstorms all across the continent today...

      ride like the wind, beauty!

    2. It's not necessarily the grounding that worries me, it's the reduced visibility on the already near invisible little country, windy, hilly roads that I ride on. :( (With people doing 60+mph, no road lines and big-ass pick-up trucks)

      I'm so looking forward to kicking my ass on a 30 minute out, then limp-home ride. Here's hoping for sunshine!

      (Or at least no storms of epic proportion...)

  3. I like the shades you had on for the car-free day. I got those in blue for my girlfriend's birthday last year. Pretty spend-y...

    And I hope all else is well! A tip of the hat to your videographer as well...

    1. Cheers! Yeah, the shades are fun, and the videographer is even better, bless him. I am lucky to have such an artistic eye on the other side of the lens.

      If only ... but "If Only" is a silly road to travel, isn't it? I will simply do my best daily and trust that everything will work out for the greater good in the end.

  4. Another vote for more sundress, here. =D

  5. Don't you mean less sundress? Much less.

  6. Babble, I'm going to loop that vid of you riding, then play it on a big TV in front of the rollers. I'll be Cat 3 in no time!

  7. Got my ride in yesterday; :D YAY FOR SUNSHINE AND 70 DEGREES!! Hope all is well.


  8. ...i AM an admitted "car guy" & i have to say that little porsche roadster is an old school beauty...my personal car doesn't have quite the tradition but it's black, it's beautiful in my eyes & it's fast & furious when, ummm, needed, shall we say...so...

    ...on tuesday, i did a short, several hour "road trip" with a friend & i did all the driving behind the wheel of a powerful, sleek two seater worth well over $100,000 plus i was given the green light to let her stretch her legs when the road was clear...
    ...believe me, those long, sweet legs embraced me whilst her throaty purr danced in my ears...

    ...beautiful shape, awesome power, wonderful sensations & the amazing engineering that tied it all together...so, (again)...

    ...on wednesday, i rode my 'townie', an old bianchi race bike, stripped down to a single speed with a short straight bar & a suspension seatpost to take the edge off & i was only out for maybe a dozen miles whilst taking care of errands but you know, while the sensations were so completely different from the previous day's driving, they perhaps registered even stronger in my brain...

    ...the sun's warmth in my face or on my back, the sounds of birds, the scent of flowers, the sight & feeling of the wind buffeting the bushes n' tree branches & me, out on my baby...a casual ride, t-shirt, plaid shorts but with the inevitable sidi's clipped in for control...big bag slung over my shoulder to carry the days prizes home...just a wonderful sensation to be out there under one's own power with the ability to push it or doddle along, as one sees fit...

    ...what i love about the dichotomy of the contrasting activities over the two days is that after all these years & a lotta fast driven miles i never lose the need & hunger to be out on two wheels, pedalling along, breathing in life...it's always been there & i'm guessing it always will be...

    ...anyway, just sharing a few thoughts...