Friday, 14 June 2013

The world is going to hell... quick! Head for the hills!

I  missed the memo. You know the one.  Apparently I skipped the day where we handed over our collective soul to the dark side, but somewhere along the way it definitely happened. Some people say that it's just human nature, that greed and corruption are the very essence of who we are, and there is probably some truth to that.  This sums it up quite nicely, I think, as long as you keep in mind that many members of humanity appear to be stuck at an early stage of development:

But there is more than human nature at work here. Earlier this week, I was riding down a pretty steep hill, and there was a 30 km/hr sign followed soon after by a cross walk.  A boy and his grandad were standing at the crosswalk waiting to cross so I slowed to a near stop to let them cross, and they stepped onto the road, too,  and were directly in front of me, when someone behind me sped past on my left and sailed through the crossing, forcing the pedestrians to stop in their tracks.  As she passed I caught a glimpse of her face and was shocked to see a woman with a solid twenty years on me.

You see what I mean? Since when did little old ladies on road-bikes start running over little kids in cross-walks?  Hmm?  And it's just sick and twisted, cause normally if I see a little old lady hauling ass bent over a bike like that, I'm the first one cheering her on.  I love seeing women on bikes. I love seeing anyone on bikes, really, but little old ladies more than most, 'cept when they're terrorizing small children, of course.

I wanted to climb a real hill today, not my usual little bump up to UBC, so I went up Cypress Mountain.
UBC is on the right. See?  The hill I usually climb isn't even visible to the naked eye.

It's 30 miles (50km), with a 3700 ft (1200 m) elevation gain riding from my place in Kits to the top of Cypress Bowl Rd. It's a spectacular ride when the weather is clear. ( Listen. Do you hear the sound of gunfire? That's the Yankeeland you can see off in the distance.  It's also Satan's primary weapon of mass consumption.)

Spectacular, isn't it? I saw all sorts of beautiful women on the mountain today, way more girls than guys for a change.  It was fabulous! They appeared to be some sort of team in training.  Couple of them handed me my ass, too, which was humbling, though not even a little surprising.  My hillsuckingness is the reason I climb.

That and the views.  Yes, those are clouds down below, and under that you see the Burrard Inlet snaking it's way to Coquitlam.

As I was taking that photograph, I was marveling at the heady spring scent of cedar sap, and the fact that I could see so far. I stepped out into the road in my funny shoes to capture a different angle.

I could hear cars in the distance before I snapped this shot, but I looked up and they were quite a distance off.  I snapped it and suddenly they were right on top of me, and they weren't giving any quarter, either.  They must have been going twice the speed limit, so I had to dive to save my stoopidass, and when I did I scraped my knee. 

 Every car I saw today was speeding down that road, but these three were just ridiculous.  

The Burrard Inlet and SFU Mounain seen from 600 m.
That's the thing.  Between those cars and the mad demon little old lady earlier in the week, I caught a glimpse of a world gone horribly wrong. Where does that sick sense of entitlement come from, anyway?  I was upset that my knee is road pizza yet again, but it was the flagrant disregard for the safety others which sickened me. It brought to mind the interview Rick Cluff did with Preston Manning on the Early Edition in the wake of the massive dead-water Zama spill up near the Alberta/NWT border.  Mr Manning says " despite opposition to oil and gas development, millions still buy gas every day."

Isn't that the truth? :( 
We can see how we're destroying our world, and ultimately signing our own death warrants, and yet we continue on unabated, damned for all time. We've a fatal addiction, like the cigarette smoker with a lung cancer diagnosis who lights up anyway.  BTW, the Alberta government sat on that little gem of an environmental disaster for 12 days without telling anyone.  Count em. Twelve.  And if you drank that stuff you would die. Where there's smoke there's fire, right?  Yes. There's something foul in the United State of Canada.

Alberta's fire is just fruit of the poison tree, anyway, a symptom of the sulfur smoke and brimstone spewing from on high in Ottawa. There is a criminal investigation into the secret fund at the disposal of the Prime Minister's office itself. I'm just a simple girl with a very small brain, but clearly something is very wrong in Ottawa.  There has been the smell of election fraud hanging over this mandate for some time, and now this?  Have we really no legal re-course, or is this nasty little despot going to continue unchecked, unsatiated, and unabated as he sells Canada off  to the highest bidder?

Do you really want to lay down and die in the name of profit and greed?   Really?  Will history note you only for your apathy? We owe it to ourselves and our children to change course now. Each and every one of us has a moral obligation to defend our world from corrupt and morally bankrupt politicians.  You might have thought yours was a democratic nation, but think again. The New World Order is a Corprafuckingtocracy, and the only way to change it is to refuse to buy in.

What are YOU going to do to save the  world today?


  1. Looking into the background of your bloody-knee picture, I may have gained some insight into your (lack of) hill climbing ability. Try shifting to a lower gear!

  2. I was going downhill when I stopped for that picture!

  3. well at least the rest of the leg looks great ;-)

    1. Cheers! Yeah, and it's going to look fabulous today when I get all dolled up for my friend's wedding. My shins are just multiple layers of scar tissue, anyway, so at least this one is in good company!

  4. Cypress is a great climb.. I can't wait to do it again in a couple of weeks. I want to do it in warmer weather than I did the last time. Brrr.

    Hope your knee is okay! That's the reason why thinking of the descent on Cypress make me nervous. Speedy cars. :(

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Perhaps you can hear the sound of your blog being removed from a bookmarks list.

    1. Yes, yes, I think I can. Have a nice life, Bob!

  6. Yay! It looks like you pissed off a Harper supporter! I don't know who voted for that man, but it was nobody I know, such is the quality of the company I keep.

    1. You good girl!

      I'm not doing my job if I haven't offended somebody's sensibilities. Maybe Bob's not a Harper supporter, though. He might just be a friend of Satan's. Or perhaps he's a car person, or maybe he's a gun supporter who didn't like the 'weapon of mass consumption' remark?

      But we'll never know, cause clearly he won't be back.

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