Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Hitch your wagon to a star, or you will just stay where you are. D.H. Lawrence

 We know not where our dreams will take us, but we can probably see quite clearly where we'll go without them. 
Marilyn Grey

  Isn't it interesting that we celebrate the birth of light at the darkest time of the year?  We don't celebrate the dawn of darkness at the summer solstice, yet we celebrate light at the height of darkness.  
Why do you suppose that is?
I think it's because like plants, we are drawn to the light. The irony is that if it weren't for the dark, we would never know starlight.
Now is the time to envision the year ahead, to dream our sweetest dreams and to imagine their fruition, to reach for those stars and to believe we can make it so.

 After all, anything is possible.
(you never know when an art shot might strike, for example)
Whatever MOVES you,
whatever motivates you...
nurture it.  Make it grow.

Christmas?  Yeah, so it's gone for another year, but who gives a fig? It's up to us to find something to celebrate in every day.

There is a certain rhyme and even a bit of reason to all of our festivities - indeed, to the seasons.
This dark time is like the pause between breaths, it's ripe with potential.
Make the most of it, do your very best.  This isn't a dress rehearsal.  It's a test.

 The irony is that the answers are clear if only we keep close those we hold dear.
There is only one law, and it's only one word.
Love is the law.
It's that simple. 
That's it.
Now you know so please do your bit.

The day the power of love overrules the love of power, the world will know peace.  Ghandi

Let's make today that day.


  1. Glad you survived the 'festive season'. It can be trying.

  2. ...the pictures you paint are oft times expressive of simple truths i've held self-evident through most of my adult life & yet it's baffling beyond imagination how humankind has let this world become what it is...

    ...keep trying, babble on...i know your heart means everything you say...