Sunday, 16 December 2012

My secret garden: finding the sweet spot.

In troubled times it's good to find peace of mind.
It's both a journey and a destination, and my bike always helps me get there.

 The snowline is creeping down the mountains now... not much of a beach day.

We bundled up against the cold, and headed East along False Creek to Sun Yat Sen Garden

I always wanted a nice rack.

The bike route took us toward our destination, an oasis of peaceful beauty in the heart of the Downtown Eastside, Vancouver's skid row.

You'll find the entrance just past a couple of pre-historic Big Dummies. Made in China.

It's a portal to another place entirely, like a reverse birth canal, where you leave behind the cacophony of  the world at large to enter a womb-like space of tranquillity.

Holeshot on the singletrack to serenity.

You'll find portals within portals, worlds within worlds, all of it designed to bring you into that silent, open space in your heart.

I checked it out.  The pond is full of crap carp.

It's been lovely, but now it's time to leaf.

You'd never know what magic lies within.

I could say I attained nirvana, but like this guy, I'd be lion.
At least it was fun tryin'.


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    1. Yep, I've heard all of the arguments. And I know I suffered waaaaay less in dance class than did my cousins with the beautiful breasts. But there you have it.

      Breasts are beautiful. Just look at Liz.

      According to the Wild Sex doctor, breasts are only evolutionarily favoured in humans, but still they ARE evolutionarily favoured by humans
      As is a large penis.

      Funny, though. I know a few women who've had reductions. I've never yet met a man who... never mind.

  2. ...i find it incredible really, but you have this ability to make a cold, grey city in winter look like it's wrapping you in whatever warmth it has left to share... may not be nirvana but you bring the the journey & the destination a little closer together...


  3. When I lived in Spokane I used to visit a Japanese Garden. Here's a cool HD video: Nishinomiya Japanese Gardens So peaceful and calming.

    1. Thank you. This is a beautiful little five minute meditation in and of itself.

      I like what happens when you apply the elements of Eastern Zen design to these particular rainforests.

  4. "I always wanted a nice rack." The Iona Beach shots you took of yourself don't exactly make you look like Olive Oyl. P.S. Nice photo work, you have a good eye.