Friday, 14 December 2012

Little tiny pieces of peace: take 'em where you find 'em.

I am a derp.

The other day I was going on at mini-me about how he spends waaay too much time with his face in a screen, playing Minecraft, and he laughed at me! The wee twerp laughed at me. I had hoped he would be considerably older than that when finally he saw me in all my ridiculous, dorktastic glory, but no. It's that obvious.   He's merely nine, and he laughed at me.

He said "What are you talking about?  You spend more time in front of a screen than I do!"  And he's right, of course.

I love technology.  The fact that you and I could video conference at a moment's notice with several people spread across the planet in real time, any time is a miracle of modern mankind and something to celebrate, isn't it? When I was growing up, that seemed very Star Trek-ish, but here we are! I've long used digital media and social networking to keep in touch with friends and family overseas, and I had a wonderful time over the span of a couple of years meeting people on Plenty of Fish, too.  These days it's this malarkey which captivates my attention.  And it's Snob's Blog where I find myself bumping and grinding in the peloton of online exchanges.

I love it.  I learn stuff online every day.  Important stuff, too.  Why, just this week I learned that you can work for the FBI even if you are the kind of person who likes doing things sans pants.

Agent Shirley Gnome
Heeeeeeey... come to think of it, a career in law enforcement might be fun, what with all the handcuffs and everything.  It would be sweet to ride as a member of the mounted police, too, don't you think?

Will you look at that?! Our dear Snobbybuns is both informative AND thought provoking..  Only trouble is, he then went on to use the word cocksucker in a pejorative sense, silly dooders.  It only serves to underline how far I have yet to go if I am to succeed in my mission to bring the world's sexual mores into the third millennium.  Meh.


Sigh. It's not Snobbers' fault I'm sad, though.

It's been one of those weeks for me, the very worst sort of week.  It's always alright it the end, though. I always have everything I need.  The day I figured THAT out was a HUGE that day a big part of my underlying daily stress, and my fear, just up and disappeared.  Thank goodness. And so it makes sense that just when I feel all alone and at the very end of my rope, just as I begin to despair of ever seeing any kind of substantive shift in our cultural world, I notice that there are other people out there moving the same message as me, other people singing the same song. Blessed be.

The arts are the best chariots a message can hope for, so I'll let Shirley spell this one out for me...

Honey, don't be afraid to put his monkey where your mouth is...

oral sex = good

Show me a true denier, and I'll show you a liar.

Oh!  I found another fabulous woman out there working the cause.  She brings a smile to my face, too, bless her sexy soul:

Tell you what:  the world needs more women like Carin Bondar, because when more of us are switched on, we will finally find ourselves well on our way to a peaceful planet.


All this hating is bringing us down.  Haven't you heard? WWIV is being fought in your head.  Right now.

 You can't always control your circumstances, but you can control what you think of them, and that affects how you feel about them, which determines how you respond to them.  In his oft quoted "God does not play dice" statement, Einstein asked us to consider whether the universe is a hostile or a friendly place. In the end, each of us is responsible for our state of mind, our state of well-being. Our hearts and minds are reflected in our answer to Einstein's question.  We each get to choose for ourselves, moment by moment whether we are focused on thoughts of love, compassion and gratitude, or on thoughts of anger, hatred and fear.

I choose love. I appreciate your being her dear digital friend.  Thank you for being here. 

Please let me share with you something which profoundly improves my quality of life.  

I've been very busy of late and had let my meditation practice fall by the wayside.  I was in quite a bit of pain, and was feeling miserable by dinner-time, when an interview on the CBC reminded me that meditation offers proven pain relief.

I always have everything I need.  Always.  

You do, too.

Here's an easy peasy, sweet-as-honey-pie little three minute meditation on Gratitude:

 These inter-tubes are pretty sweet, after all.  With the click of a button I can send a little peace, some gratitude and a bit of joy out and over to you, and three minutes after you click, you will feel it, too.

It's so cool to be able to say
Peace be with you.

ps - Despite all appearances, enlightenment is nigh.  
Have you heard the good news about Jizzus?  Kiss him on the ring and you're guaranteed a second coming.


  1. while you can't control how your environment influences you,(short of a sensory depravation chamber) you can always control how you influence your environment. Great post Babs.

  2. Jizzus is load. praise the load! (sorry, maybe its the flu meds)