Sunday, 9 December 2012

Seeing the forest for the trees.

One observant soul noted how the big fat Vancouver raindrop missed me somehow as it fell from last week's lunch-time sucker-hole in the sky. Today it was raining your garden variety Cadillac along with all the cats and dogs...

lived to blog again
With the solstice and the end of the year Mayan epoch fast approaching, and I needed some soul suffonsifying  forest time, and since the snowline is halfway down the North Shore mountains right now, we decided to keep it simple, and stick to our local trails.  We started close-ish to Kits beach, dropped mini-me-b off

near the red house blob approximation I drew on the map below.  Then we cycled on bike-ways for about twelve minutes-ish, till we got to Pacific Spirit Regional Park. That's the great big green blob there in the map below.  It's full of trees.

It's full of trails through trees, and it's a great place to go and breathe.  Science figures it's all the negative ions in a forest which soothe us, but whatever it is, there's something healing, something grounding about spending time in the trees. I love big trees. We came in on Imperial road, which looks like this:

We found the hundredth  red balloon. 

Aaand arrived at one of the bear paw pictures on the map, only to discover that they resemble neither bears nor their paws, but that didn't matter, because trees.  

We made our way through the trees for a bit, and soon I felt like me again.  Dirty, that is...

and wet,


and happy to ride another day.


  1. Nice mudguards! I need some of those for my mountain cycling bicycle.

  2. Nice soundtrack to the semi-single track. R.I.P. Mr. B...

  3. ...a simple, easy path ride in the rain, through the trees...i know it was needed...

    ...what a beautiful way to 'take five'...

    1. Thank you. Yes, it was sorely needed, and it improved my state of being enormously.