Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Dammed if you do, damned if you don't.

A little while ago we had a peek at supernatural Vancouver, British Columbia.  This time around let's have a gander at Super, Natural British Columbia® (brand. ... Please note:SuperNatural British Columbia is a registered trademark of the Province of ...)  


This is our local beach on Sunday morning.  St Patrick's day was cold, bright and windy, and after a really tough week, I couldn't wait to get out, climb some hills, and set my heart at ease.

We headed straight for the Cleaveland Dam. 

 Mmm...you've gotta love the word Cleaveland. No. I'll probably never grow up. I do try to pretend I'm mature and responsible, but it's never very convincing.
The Lions after which the bridge is named. photo by panorimo
That's what it looks like in the summer. Mmmm summmmmer...  there's a lot more white in the picture this week, but you'll have to imagine that bit, since I didn't get a photo.  I did take another picture of my bike, though, because it has shiny gold wheels, and I love shiny things.

And if you look across the side my bike is leaning on, you'll see something like this, all shrouded in mist from the water plummeting to the ground hundreds of feet below:

It's much more impressive if you actually lean over and look down the steep incline, but my body has it's own opinion of heights, and so you'll also have to imagine that dizzying drop for yourself.

Down the road a little

 you'll find the fish hatchery.  Not a lot of salmon around this time of year, but sometimes, it's literally hopping with fish.

so pretty...

... oh, and the scenery is alright, too.

We rode through Stanley Park on the way home, and saw Great Heron nesting by the dozens.

Here's one of those great, big, noisy, prehistoric beasts landing as gracefully as you could wish:

Nearly home, on the way over the Burrard St Bridge, we saw one of the Kit's Point eagles by the nest in its tree.

We were on the road for just two hours, give or take, with numerous stops for my inept photography, and yet we were witness to more wilderness than most people see in a month, and as a result I ended my ride in a much better place than I began.  Where else on Earth can you ride out from the very heart of the city and yet find wilderness at every turn?

There's trouble brewing here in beautiful British Columbia, no small thanks to our Canadian legacy of less-than-transparent, less-than-trustworthy government, but it's always a good idea to take stock of your blessings, and in this city we are well and truly blessed with our access to super, natural beauty, to wild places and gorgeous outdoor spaces. You'd be a damned fool not to make the most of it.


  1. Beautiful pictures babble -Thanks for sharing! That is a sweet Lynskey too. You guys make a nice pair.

  2. Hot Dam! Good stuff. Hurtin' for the better weather too.

  3. I hope things start looking up soon. It's really gorgeous there, and props to 'the Man' for the great videography.

    1. Thank you! He's lovely. I am a lucky woman however you count blessings.

      Some days it's hard to remember that the universe is unfolding exactly as it's meant to, and that we always have everything we need, but when I do, life is much simpler. Stress is resistance to what is.

      No matter what, though, I am always aware of how many wonderful people there are in this world, and in my life, people willing to reach out to comfort and assist those who are distressed and in need.

      People like you guys...
      xo xo

  4. ...nice ride !!!...

    ...now, do i mean the scenery or your lovely lynskey ???...

    ...yes, yes i do...

    ...just sayin'...

    1. Isn't it pretty? I love love love it... my favourite bike of all time, and that's saying something! xx

    2. ...i love how a well engineered titanium bike rides...my serotta is nothing less than magnificent in it's stability, "road feel", handling & yet without the loss of comfort my oft beat-up bones require...

      ...& ya, mine's pretty too & doncha just feel that extra bit of 'good' when you're out riding on a bike you love ???...

  5. Nice photo work, as usual.

    "Where else on Earth can you ride out from the very heart of the city and yet find wilderness at every turn?" There are sections of Brooklyn where you can find wilderness from about 200AM on.

  6. Inept photography? You've got to be kidding! Your photos are great! Beautiful!

  7. I too am lucky with living with nature. Will try to get better photos. I must say from watching your video that I wish I lived where it is all down hill too!! ;)

  8. I would happily swear allegiance to the flag of Cleaveland, smiling all the way.
    Talking of Wildness, wilderness, wildest-ness, this lad ( http://www.facebook.com/shanecycles?ref=stream )is sizing up your back yard with intent.

    1. Sweeeeet! Let me know when to expect you!

    2. Not me, sadly. My bad English :(
      Shane is hatching a winter ride across some frozen part of Canada.

    3. You could just tag along.

  9. Ms. babble on, if you and your spouse were taking a trip to Vancouver, where would you stay (think bikes on bike racks) and where would you ride if you were in your 50's and rode a cruiser?

    1. Hello!

      I would stay in a bed and breakfast on Kits Point. You can start your day with coffee at Granville Island, and from there, the world is your Oyster. Check out the Vancruisers calendar, or let me know when you're coming to town... maybe you can join in on a big cruiser ride!

    2. Thank you and thank you for your offer. My wife and I really enjoy exploring new places on our Townies. Vancouver looks perfect for that.