Tuesday, 2 April 2013

On a roll: all ye need to know...

The mirror: truth or distortion?

Thank you for your kind support following last week's babblelog "Do I really suck?  The truth is hard to swallow... a blow by blow narrative." Your concern is very welcome, and ever so kind, but please, don't worry.  You don't need to cheer me up. I'm good with it.  Really. It's important to develop your natural abilities, and I'm gifted that way. 
I own it. 
 I LIKE sucking!

Besides.  I always look at the source whenever I'm being criticised or judged.  What I see when I look at car culture isn't exactly inspiring and furthermore, I'm happy.
It's true.  Riding a bike makes you happy.
Plus, I appreciate the simple things.  
I love the simple things.  
(The man appreciates simplicity, too. You can tell cause he's into me.)

Simple things are beautiful.

Like bikes.

And riding bikes in the sun with friends and family...

and grapes. Don't forget grapes.  Simple, fermented grapes.

Mmm, I love grapes.

Best of all, I love to cast aside all of the trappings of daily living,  put down my burdens and baggage, let go of  my cares and concerns, and stop to enjoy a perfect moment in the sun.  

There is something magical in taking a bit of time to appreciate the beauty of now.

interesting engineering by Young Deok

Beauty is truth, truth beauty
that's all ye know on Earth
and all ye need to know.

Till you need to go.

Oh!  Speaking of which, did you hear?
With the return to the Provincial Sales Tax (PST) here in BC there is now a tax on toilet paper. 
You'll pay more for triple ply.  That's a luxury, did you know?  Crazy move before an election, though. People already feel like the government is taxing the crap out of them.. Can you imagine? Peoples savings will be wiped out, and for what? So the government can clean up on toilet paper revenues? That would be seriously shitty timing.
Er... sorry. My apologies.  Toilet jokes... I'm flush with them.

So now you'll be taxed per roll, and you'll pay twice as much if you prefer triple-ply toilet paper, but at least your new Lamborghini bicycle will be PST exempt.

Just think of it! You can buy a lot of bog roll with the coin you'll save on this baby.


  1. I like grapes too! At least the juice of the fermented ones!

  2. ...personally, being very particular as to what i introduce into my system, i'm absolutely the same when it's time to say good-bye to the, ahhh, results...

    ...like a blanket of security for my assets, it's a soft & quilted 2-ply when it comes to my bottom line...

    1. ...so, basically what you're saying is this provincial sales tax is a bum deal...

    2. ...wow...tryin' to keep up with your toilet jokes leaves me pooped...

  3. I like gropes.

    1. Me, too. Specially if I'm the one doing the groping.

  4. Ode to a Grecian Urn?
    Oh Babble, I truly am in love now!

  5. Your'e beautiful. My wife thinks so too!